Friday, November 11, 2005

The obsession with power everything

"Sometimes power just flippin’ sucks with a capitol “S”
Lisa Gonzales, who wrote these lines on The Car Blog couldn't be more right.

I may be a weirdo but I think almost any feature in the car that starts with "power" is BS. I do not understand why one needs power locks, power windows or power mirrors. It does not really make things easier for me. I also could do without power steering for years. Cars back then were built to steer with relative ease even without power steering. I agree that it was difficult at slow speeds/parking but even my grandpa was able to put up with that.

I would prefer cars being available with less of that power stuff. I have one car that is pretty manual (a 1996 4Runner, has PS though) and nothing ever breaks. My 1987 BMW 325 has power everything and these are the items that recently stopped working:
  • power antenna (who needs that?!?)
  • power windows (first 1 then the 2nd)
  • now the power steering hose i supposed to be replaced
  • AC stopped working, too
Lisa has made the same experience, except that her car is a 2002 Chevy and not a 1987 BMW.
"Sometimes power just flippin’ sucks with a capitol “S”. I’m talking about power options, like power windows and all the gadgets on the inside of the car including most of all power seats! My cushy power seat motor just went out this week, that’s great especially when the kids had maneuvered it closer to the steering wheel…so close that I can’t even fit between the seat and the steering wheel to drive it."
Yet another advantage of these good old Youngtimers with power nothing:
"My parents had a Datsun and you know what those were like, little balls of metal rolled up to resemble a car that used blender parts to run on.


I can’t imagine who would have ever paid for that car but I’m sure the damn thing is still running, I’ll probably see it one day before I die and it will be some die hard Datsun fan driving around like a luxury sedan…wouldn’t that just be ironic! Oh well, I suppose there are worse things in life and right now I’m just having problems thinking of those.

At least the Datsun didn’t have a motor to screw with to move the seat."



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