Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Germany-Orient Rallye: The idea of racing old cars from the Alps to Asia

On 26 May 2006 over 100 cars 20 years or older will embark on a rallye from Oberstaufen, Germany, to Amman, Jordan. 5000 kilometers (more than 3000 miles) in up to ten days. It is an affordable event for the "average Joe": Cars must be at least 20 years or worth less than 2000€. Participants sleep in cars, tents or cheap hotels. New teams and team members can still register. In the next few days and weeks we will provide you with more info about this adventure: the idea, the ground rules, the registration and the teams.

Dakar Rallye serves as inspiration

The Alps in Allgäu, GermanyThe idea for this "average Joe" race from Germany to Jordan was born on a cold winter day in the Allgäu region in southern Germany. Outside the snow was covering the hilly landscape. Inside Wilfried Gehr and his friends were dreaming of heat, vacation and the desert. They talked about their hobby - classic cars and motorsports. The Dakar rallye was coming up, where the automotive elite was about to take the grueling trip to the warm but not so cozy desert. Wolfgang and his friends were goin to sit in front of their TVs. Bummer! Until somebody had an idea:

Why don't we race to Asia? Just for fun, with normal cars, without a big budget but with big team spirit?

Ford SierraCars must be at least 20 years old or worth less than 2000 Euros (purchase price for the Ford Sierra on the right: 25 cigarette boxes or 100 liters of beer). Teams travel on a budget (max. 10€ per night per person) - camping and sleeping in the car instead of nice Asian hotel resorts.

The destination of Amman, Jordan, was chosen because one of the buddyies had a friend there.

Reactions from both car-nuts and the press were enthusiastic. By now, 34 teams (six people each in three cars) have registered. And the number is still growing.

Coming up:
  • Ground rules & cost
  • Registration, visa, accommodation, joining existing teams
  • How to get a car and how to get rid of it
  • Lybia or Turkey? Route options
  • Vacation in Jordan?
  • Team introduction
Rallye Allgäu-Orient offical homepage (German)

AutoScout24 (english): Buying used cars in Germany
(hint: enter ZIP code "87534" for listings in proximity to the rallye's launch)


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