Monday, November 21, 2005

Germany-Orient Rallye: Cost, registration, visa, accommodation, etc.

Driving old cars from Germany to the Orient is mostly fun - except for the bureaucracy involved: Visa, insurance, how to get rid of the car in the end, etc. are questions that we will answer today.


  • The registration fee is €111.11 per person. One team consists of three cars with two persons each - so the cost per team is €666.66. Additional team members (guests) cost an extra €111,11 each. A registration form (German) is available for download here: An English version will be available shortly. Check back here or send an e-mail to the organizers at
  • All other cost (the car, insurance, visa, getting rid of the car) are handled by each team directly. For non-German teams, the organizers will help with the logistics.

Each team can choose their own route as long as they do not sue freeways and toll routes. Participants meet at cartain check points. The most sensible one appears to be one through Turkey and Syria - despite the current political situation it's also the safest (an alternative route through Lybia is shorter but not recommended).

Depending on your citizenship, visa are most likely required for Serbia & Montenegro, Bulgaria, Syria and Jordan. Obtainin the visa is part of the rallye and not handled by the organizers (who provide assistance when asked, though). Organizers are preparing official documents and invitations that particpants can show during visa application and at the borders.

Buying a car in Germany and getting rid of it in Jordan

Organizers will help non-German participants. You can also check out one of Germany's most popular used car websites: AutoScout24 (english) (hint: enter ZIP code "87534" for listings in proximity to the rally
e's launch)

Getting rid of it in Jordan is relatively straight-forward but not very lucarative because c
ustoms regulations forbid the sale of the cars. The vehicles can be donated to charity which the local organizers in Jordan will arrange. Another option is of course to drive all the way back to Germany ;-)

If the car breaks down on the way and cannot be repaired, it should be salvaged locally at the team's expense. Organizers have found free options (donation to charity) in Syria and Jordan.

What in case of a breakdown or emergency?

Generally speaking, teams have to cope with difficulties on their own, but organizers also participate in the rallye and carry cell phones.

Vacation in Jordan?

Most definitely! Despite the recent terrorist attack, Jordan is very safe. And most of all it is spectacular!
Good thing that Royal Jordanien Airways is one of the rallye's main sponsors and can offer cheap flights for family members. There is lots to see. Exaples: The Dead Sea, Jerash - the city of the thousand pillars, and much much more. A team excursion is planned when everybody has arrived.

I don't have a team of six people. How can I participate?

Some teams are still looking for team members - people that are good drivers, mechanics or have a good command of the English language. Drop them an e-mail at


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