Saturday, November 12, 2005

Germany-Orient '06: Rules for cars, drivers, routes & accommodations

It's time to talk about the ground rules for the "Rallye Allgäu-Orient" from Germany to Jordan in May'06. More than 100 registered participants (registration still possible) will have 10 days to race their Youngtimer cars (20 years or older) the 5000 kilometers to Amman.

Cars must be old and/or cheap
  1. Cars can only be registered if they are 20 years or older (built in or before 1985). Motorcycles are not allowed (motorcycling is forbidden for personal use in Jordan).
  2. If the car is younger then 20 years, it must be worth less than 2000€ according to the infamous German Schwacke-Liste fur used car value. A commissioner will check the cars before launch.
  3. All cars must be road save and have passed the German TÜV authority's safety check (valid plaque).
  4. Cars must be registered and insured according to German laws. In no case are the organizers liable for anything.
Drivers: Who can participate?
  1. Age: Every adult with a valid driver's license can participate
  2. Insurance: Everybody is responsible for their own car's and personal insurance. A health plan covering expenses abroad is recommended.
Which routes are allowed?

The route can be freely chosen as long as drivers do not use Autobahns, freeways and toll routes. The daily maximum driving distance is 666 kilometers. Certain stage goals have to be reached by all teams. In every country that will be passed, teams will have to master special tasks.

Accommodation on a budget: hotels, tents, cars

The maximum budget per person per night is 10€. Participants can of course bring their tents.

Previous Posts:

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Coming up in the next days & weeks:
  • Cost, Registration, visa, accommodation, joining existing teams
  • How to get a car and how to get rid of it
  • Lybia or Turkey? Route options
  • Vacation in Jordan?
  • Team introduction
Rallye Allgäu-Orient offical homepage (German)

AutoScout24 (english): Buying used cars in Germany
(hint: enter ZIP code "87534" for listings in proximity to the rallye's launch)


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Hello My name is Massi from the U.S.

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Reinhold Bösl


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Donate your car

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Hello My name is Massi from the U.S.

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