Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Awesome Yountimer rallye from Germany to Asia - cars max. value 2000€ or >20 years of age

Those Germans really know how to honor their young classics!

Starting at May 26th, 2006, they are organizing a rallye of classic but cheap cars from Allgaeu/ Germany to Jordan. That’s 5000 kilometers right there! Kudos to Wilfried Gehr, journalist and car-freak from Oberstaufen, Germany, who came up with the idea. 40 teams have already registered.

  • Cars must be at least 20 years old and roadworthy (registered and with vehicle inspection

  • Newer cars have to have a value of less than 2000 Euros (the famous German Schwacke-Liste is used for reference) to be allowed to start.

  • Each Team should start with 3 cars and 6 participants , if one of the cars gets broken on the way, the drivers have to get in the other cars of the team.

  • The first team who arrives in Jordan and has fulfilled all the tasks required from them by the organizers, will be the winner.

  • First price is a real Camel!

  • Daily driving distance should not exceed 666 KM.

  • Freeways and toll roads are not allowed

  • Accommodation does not cost more than 10 Euro per night. Tents can be used.

  • The participation fees are 111,11 Euro per person, the team consists of 3 cars and 6 drivers (666,66 Euro per team)

  • Other participants are allowed and need to be registered as guests (also 111,11 Euro per person).

More info:


English summary (PDF) here: http://www.allgaeu-orient.com/summaryrallye050811.pdf


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one cool race. If I had the vacation time I would do it.

8:16 am  

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